The Project

We are a group of journalists, designers and programmers affiliated with the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship program at Stanford University. Our team consists of three Venezuelans, two Bolivians and an American. We believe technology is a fundamental tool in the search for the truth.

The polarization of the Venezuelan conflict compelled us to build a platform that brings together relevant content from different sources. Here, you will find the voices of journalists, human rights activists, NGOs, government leaders and opposition leaders. Here you can decode what is happening in Venezuela.

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Mary Aviles


Journalist originally from Venezuela, now an aspiring media entrepreneur. She has more than a decade of experience covering Latino Issues in the US. More recently, a Knight Fellow at Stanford.

Douglas Gomez-Barrueta


Venezuelan journalist. He have worked for Unión Radio and Venezuelan newspapers El Nacional, Meridiano and Tal Cual. He is the author of "Talla de agua" (2013).

Martin Quiroga


Systems Architect, Current Knight Fellow at Stanford where he is developing a content-ranking platform that delivers highly relevant, personalized news content based on an algorithmic notion of authority.

Ana Carrano


Venezuelan journalist and book editor. She has coordinated several innovative projects, including the first apps for iOS and Android tablets developed by a Venezuelan newspaper; mobile apps with journalistic content and the first collaborative and hyperlocal website in her country.

Martha Olmos


UX / Product Designer. She has lived in Berlin since 2010, where she is working on a master’s in leadership for digital communications at the University of Arts. Her thesis focus in the representation and relevance of information in new media.

Eric Ortiz


Current Knight Fellow at Stanford where he is developing a mobile-first publishing tool that streamlines live reporting and multimedia storytelling. Former senior editor of new media at New England Sports Network and associate editor at ESPN.com.